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Some useful questions before you buy a Digital Signage system

Digital signage is a great tool for communications, but shopping for the right software to power your system can be daunting. Here are some tips to get the conversation started so you can choose the best content management software for your needs:

  • Is it specifically for organizational communications?

    Workflows are different on campus and in an office. Ask for information whether the software can meet your communication demands.

  • Is it a native application or webbased?

    Desktop software limits you to a single computer, while web-based software lets anyone in your organization with browser access and a password to post, manage and schedule messages.

  • Does it have user-friendly tools and templates?

    Not everyone is a graphic designer. Make sure your software has easy design and scheduling tools, as well as good-looking templates so people can create beautiful messages quickly and easily.

  • Does it allow for data integration?

    A lot of what you'll want on screen is already in another system. Make sure it can easily import event schedules, weather, news, Excel, dashboards, social media, web pages and other data you already use

  • Does it support interactivity?

    Touchscreens are a great way to engage your audience, and they give you more real estate for your messages. Make sure your software lets you publish interactive content, like wayfinding.

  • Can it deliver to small screens?

    Your audience won't always be in front of your big screens, so your software should be able to publish to desktops, smartphones, websites and other BYOD devices so people don't miss your messages.

  • Is it scalable and expandable?

    Your software should work for a single screen or enterprise-wide messaging across the globe. Make sure you can add media players and software users without hitting technical or licensing snags.

  • Does it have an alert messaging mode?

    Severe weather, safety alerts and other emergency notifications need to override scheduled playlists at the touch of a button. Ask if the system is CAP-compliant, so CAP triggers can automatically send alerts.

  • What are the purchasing options?

    You may already have hardware, or you might need the whole package. Ask vendors if they offer bundled solutions, software-only sales, cloud-based subscriptions, etc.

  • How well is it supported?

    Does the software vendor offer training? How about design services or consulting? Be sure you understand how often the software is updated and what kind of technical support you get with your software purchase.